Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Structural Design and Structural Analysis Drawings meet your exact construction needs

At 7Solutions India, We deliver accurate structural design services and structural steel design services to USA, UK, Australia, Canada, UAE and around the world. We acknowledge the value of innovation, industry standards, contemporary machinery and adept workforce that’s why we retain and believe in doing the same as well. From distinct areas of a structural engineering design and analysis, we receive preliminary, conceptual and detail designing projects because the clients rely on us and our proficient workforce is predominantly intended to delivery industry’s top-notch structural design and analysis services. We take pride in establishing a long term partnership with our worldwide clients by offering high quality structural design and drawings services that's on time and within budget.

Structural engineering design is about ensuring a structure is capable of standing up and can withstand the pressures of use that the building is subjected to including the potential weather conditions for the locality. Engineers prove this by mathematical calculations in order to satisfy the local authority building control that a design is safe. This work complements the work of architects, who are the spatial and aesthetic experts of building design and construction. We work closely with each client from concept to design, to construction, to owner occupancy. Our experts will ensure that your ideas are translated into an economic structural design which fulfill your requirements and complies with building legislation.

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Our structural engineering design services of all major structural elements including:
• Structural design drawings
• Structural analysis drawings
• Load Calculations drawings
• Foundation design drawings
• Retaining wall design drawings
• Roof structure design drawings
• Beam design drawings
• Column design drawings
• Slab design drawings
• Frame design drawings
• Lintel design drawings
• Structural Stacks Designs
• Heat Exchangers Designs
• Pressure Vessels Designs
• Structural Skids Designs
• Structural Tanks Designs

Our portfolio:

Our Advanced structural design services structures across the globe:
• Housing and residential
• Public and social housing
• Commercial property
• Industrial warehousing and distribution
• Healthcare and hospitals
• Public and leisure buildings
• Hotels
• Schools
• Refurbishment of aged and historic buildings

7Solutions India are fully equipped to meet your structural engineering design and drawings requirements, we have the right experience globally to undertake projects off all sizes. Our professional structural designers and engineers work closely with you with continue to set industry standards in structural design accuracy and productivity. Contact us or send email: to know more about our structural engineering designing services and drawings.

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