Friday, August 24, 2012

Structural drafting design, detailing and shop drawings for specific structure drawings jobs

2D Drafting India is specialized in providing superior structural drafting design and steel detailing services to steel construction, engineering and mining industry. 2D Drafting India has been able to maintain its high quality of structural drafting design services through the aid and collective contributions of its employees. The company hires accomplished and skilled employees who are geared towards fulfilling the company’s vision and mission. It is significant to appoint the right person for the specific job. Recruitment and selection process enables the company to get the right people in doing the right job. We continuously strive to offer competitively priced and quick structural drafting and design services adhering to your requirements.

Our mission is to take predefined information and to create drawings and data sheets which can be used by the fabricator and site constructor and to create the desired structure to the highest possible accuracy and quality. Our professional experienced team of draftsman, detailers and engineers uses latest technology to convert paper drawings, hand sketches and design notes into a set of editable drawing formats (.DGN, .DWG, .DXF, .PDF etc).

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We offers Structural Drafting, Design and Steel Detailing Services include:
• Structural Steel Detailing (Shop Drawings, 3D Model, Erection Drawings, BOM, Reports, DXF/NC Files)
• Structural Design Drawings (Analysis, Retaining Wall, Roof, Beam, Column, Slab, Frame, Lintel)
•Structural Drafting Drawings (Foundation Plan Drawing, Roof Truss & Joint Drawings, Connection Drawing)
• Structural - 3D Modeling & Detailing (Shop Fabrication Drawings)
• Static Equipment - Design (Columns, Tanks, Reactors, Skids, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Stacks, etc.
• Static Equipment - Detailing (Shop Fabrication Drawings)

Our worldwide clients:
• Structural Engineers
• Professional Engineers
• Steel Fabricators
• Steel Detailers
• Structural Consultants
• Architects
• Construction Firms
• Steel Erectors
• General Contactors

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