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Structural steel detailing, steel shop drawings for structure steelwork drawings

Structural Drafting India is providing high quality steel detailing services, shop drawings services and fabrication drawings services to customers throughout U.S, U.K, Canada and Australia. Our commitment to service, quality and efficiency will ensure that your projects are handled promptly and consistently.  Our steel detailers focus on providing the highest quality services at a competitive price. At Structural Drafting India, we are committed to being a full service detailing provider and handle all types of work from small miscellaneous projects to large commercial and institutional buildings. We are focused on maintaining long-term relationships with our customers and are ready to adapt to suit our customers’ requirements.

Our steel detailers, draftsmen, and structural engineers services with columns of various shapes and sizes, steel roof frames, erection plans, stairs, railings and miscellaneous steel parts. We can deliver detail drawing output in pdf, tiff, dwg, dxf, etc. formats.

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We are currently providing the below structural detailing services:
  • Steel Detailing Services
  • Steel Shop Drawings
  • Fabrication Drawings
  • Steel Bar Joist Drawings
  • Steel Assembly Drawings
  • Anchor Setting Plan
  • Steel Connection Detailing
  • Erection Drawings
  • Steel member Detail Drawings
  • Staircase Detailing Services
  • Stair Handrail Detailing Services
  • Canopy Steel Detailing
  • Carport Steel Detailing
  • Steel Grating Detailing Services
  • 3d Modeling Drawings
Our structural services for the following types of projects:
  • Multi-story steel, concrete and masonry buildings
  • One and two-story timber structures
  • Pre-engineered structures
  • Foundation structures for all types of building construction
  • Light gauge metal structures
  • Residential structures

Structural Drafting India offers steel detailing and shop drawings services to structural consultant, steel fabricators, detailers, erectors and structural engineers who connected to steel fabrication and related activities. Let Steel Detailing India show you the difference our dedicated and professional team can make in your construction needs. Structural drafting India is committed to serving our customers’ needs from start to end, job after job. Contact us or mail your requirement to get immediate FREE quote,

Friday, January 11, 2013

Steel detailing services, steel fabrication detailing drawings for steel fabrication industry

7Solutions India is an experienced steel detailing services consultant firm produce cost-effective, accurate and on time steel detailing services, steel fabrication drawings, shop drawings, fabrication shop drawings for steel and reinforced concrete structures. Our steel detailers first understand worldwide clients steel detailing, shop drawings and steel fabrication drawings requirements in details then work according to their requirements. This helps in maintaining smooth communication flow from start to final steel plans outputs. Our mission is to help our customers meet their need for an aggressively compacted steel detailing drawings project schedule without any increase in costs.

7Solutions India work for clients across USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia undertaking projects of varying size and complexity, working for a variety of organizations ranging from international companies to fabricators and detailers. We pride ourselves in being well versed in major codes and standards such as ASTM, ACI , CRSI, AS and BS.

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Some of our mostly used structural steel detailing services:
•Steel Detailing Services
•Steel Shop Drawings
•Fabrication Drawings
•Steel Bar Joist Drawings
•Steel Assembly Drawings
•Anchor Setting Plan
•Steel Connection Detailing
•Erection Drawings
•Steel member Detail Drawings
•Staircase Detailing Services
•Stair Handrail Detailing Services
•Canopy Steel Detailing
•Carport Steel Detailing
•Steel Grating Detailing Services
•3d Modeling Drawings

Our steel detailers are well-known for:
• Study of design drawings
• Project scheduling
• RFI generation
• Commencement of the structure project
• 3D modeling for commercial/ industrial projects
• Shop drawing creation, checking, project completion
• Team coordination and reporting to divisional head
• Client communication

7Solutions India provides efficient steel detailing services in the field of residential structures, commercial & industrial structures and miscellaneous structures. We have undertaken the preparation of fabrication drawings for power plants, cement plants, steel plants, industrial companies and petrochemical refineries. We will provide details drawings for columns, beams, slabs, foundation, with bar bending schedule. Our accurate steel detailing services will not only save your precious time, but also will give you better opportunities to excel in your core business. Contact us or send email: to get free advice to help you make an informed choice about what are the best steel detailing and fabrication shop drawings services for your projects.